Thank You for the Donations of
Colostomy Supplies!

We have received donations from all over the United States and Canada.  These supplies are very much needed and appreciated.  Thanks to everyone that sent donations.  We can always use more.  Please send us an e-mail if you have any supplies to donate.

Alex and Mark packing supplies
Thank you for your donations!
Healing Home Bed

We are very excited to sponsor our first healing home bed!  Cole will be receiving excellent care at the Heartbridge Healing Home.  He was born with a colorectal malformation and recently receive his next surgery.  Thanks to the caretakers at the healing home, Cole will be well cared for while recovering from his surgery.
Improving the lives and medical care of children in China born with colorectal malformations
Cole Update

Cole is back at the Heartbridge Healing Home after his surgery!
Cole after his surgery
Our Second Sponsor Baby

We are happy to sponsor Candace at the Heartbridge Healing Home!  Candace was born with a colorectal malformation. 
New CR Kids China Logo
Thanks to Adam Cassidy for designing our great new logo!  Adam is a student at Miami University.
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